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The soft washing process is the preferred industry method for residential and commercial roof and external building cleaning and consists of using environmentally safe cleaning agents and a low-pressure rinse system that completely eliminates dust, dirt, mould and other contaminants.What really sets the soft washing process apart from the typical pressure washing and pressure cleaning method is the fact that soft washing is in no way harmful to the roof or any part of the structure of your home.

The process of soft washing isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Once the soft washing process is over your home will not only look cleaner, it will actually be cleaner as well. The soft wash roof and external building cleaning method is powerful enough to permeate the roofing material and clean right down into the tiny pores.

Getting rid of unwanted house guests like microscopic bacteria, black streaks, algae, and fungus, is now easy without harming the environment in and around your home. The safe chemicals and gentle procedure ensures that no harm comes to your family or your home.

Soft washing ensures a squeaky clean building every time, from the inside out.

It makes sure that the mould and fungus problems are properly and thoroughly cleaned away along with the sometimes very stubborn roots. The result is a very long-lasting and a deeper clean as compared to pressure washing.By using the high-pressure cleaning method, it can actually lead to erosion of your roof and even cause the roof tile and shingles to break and age prematurely. This is especially true if it is being carried out by an amateur who is not properly trained on how to effectively use the pressure.