Patio & Driveway Cleaning Birmingham

For all driveway cleaning in Birmingham we provide a personal and professional service on an individual basis to meet our customers needs.

Patio & Driveway Cleaning Birmingham

For specialist driveway cleaning in Birmingham and surrounding areas, L&C Cleaning is your local family run business providing a new lease of life to your driveway, patio or your commercial business.

We operate throughout the midlands, we treat every service as if it was our first and we are proud of our workmanship. We want our customers to also feel as proud of their patio or driveway as we do, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee we can provide a list of customers reporting amazing results, great value and the highest standard workmanship.

Your drive way is one of the first things people see outside your home, and your patio is where you spend those precious summer days, so keeping them spotless is a must for any proud home owner.

For commercial properties a clean entrance, walkway to your premises goes a long way to portraying a good image for your business.

So rather than suffer looking at dirty surfaces any longer why not call in the professionals?


Restoring block paving driveways


Cleaning and sealing driveways


Restoring, cleaning patios


Cleaning and restoring terraces and pathways

Driveway Cleaning Specialists in Birmingham & Surrounding Areas

However high-quality your paving, over time, damp weather conditions encourage the growth of algae, creating a green coat on your patio. Moss, lichen, and mould can also become a problem, making your patio unkempt – plus, it’ll be slippery. Our patio cleaners will tackle all of these issues and some of them will even help you get rid of weeds that may be growing, too. Our services include professional driveway cleaning, paving sealing and patio restoration.

We supply and stock some of the best patio/driveway cleaning products to remove dirt, black spot, moss, green algae, mould and mildew from patio paving slabs. Our patio cleaners will easily clean block paving, concrete and natural stone. Worried about eco-friendliness? Most patio cleaners are biodegradable, which means they shouldn’t cause any long-term damage to the environment.

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L&C Cleaning Group are onsite specialists and practical cleaning experts who will meet all your cleaning needs. We are a family owned and operated business and our expert knowledge in the cleaning industry enables us to provide a personalised service that we adapt to meet your cleaning requirements.

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